MCC's First Kickstarter Update

Only seven days into their first ever Kickstarter and the Michigan Comics Collective surpassed their first goal of $4000 and the first stretch goal of $5000. With twenty-two days left for fundraising we have set some ambitious goals that we aim to achieve during that time. With the success we've already experienced during this Kickstarter we are now feeling hopeful that we will be able to fund printing for not only Anthology Volume 1 but also for the upcoming Volume 2. 
We also have two upcoming sketch events designed to raise awareness for the Michigan Comics Collective, the Kickstarter and to spread the names of our local artists and writers. The first is scheduled for Wednesday June 11th at Coy's Comics in Saginaw. The second is scheduled for Wednesday June 18th at Collector's Corner in Midland. The time for both events is set to begin at 2pm and continue until closing time. We look forward to seeing all of our dedicated fans and some new faces at these sketch events.
Associate Editor: Julie Harrell-Dennis