Anthology Volume One
Release Party

Join us at Coy's Comics in Saginaw
for the Volume One release party!

Collective Happenings

Recap of Meeting on Saturday July 11

Julie HarrellDennis - Thu, 16 Jul
If you missed the meeting on Saturday you missed out on Q&A with our very informative guest speaker, George Geddes, an intellectual property lawyer (also known as an entertainment lawyer). I have posted my notes of his presentation on a page to make it super easy to find. Please share any details that I may have missed.

New Developments

Writing Prompts 
Many of you will be familiar with the weekly sketch challenge that the MCC artists participate in on the facebook group. Now we will have a similar exercise for our MCC writers - a weekly writing prompt challenge. David Rose and I will be setting up a blog page specifically for this purpose. When it is all set up and ready to go I will share the link with everyone.

How-to-Make-a-Comic Guide
You may remember that last August I posted a guide on how to write comics. I have a similar project for our artists in the works, it will include written guides as well as video guides. Hanah Sobek and David Rose are already contributing to this how-to project - please share your favorite comic guide as well.

Quarterly Meetings
Rather than monthly meetings we will be transitioning to quarterly meetings. Hopefully with so much information concentrated into one meeting you will be compelled to attend!

Source Point Press
Has a new Editor in Chief! Congratulations Travis! Future endeavors with Source Point will give MCC members priority.

Ongoing Projects

13 Little Hells (Horror Anthology)
Coming along nicely, art is in progress, no roadblocks to report. Caliber Comics will be co-publishing this anthology with the MCC. This joint effort will likely lead to paid work for MCC members in the future. I will post updates as needed.

MCC Anthology Volume 2
I've had to make a couple of cuts, but we are still looking at 17-18 stories plus a handful of 1 page projects. Color is in the works at this point - if you are unsure of the progress of your story you should email me right now. This minute. Don't wait! I'll get you an update.


Double Features
We will be publishing three double features in the upcoming year.
  1. Jason Jimenez and Paul Story
  2. The Sobeks and Someone
  3. BJ DuVall and Brad Gischia
Ladies MCC Book
Katie Cook will be doing the cover
(You may know her from My Little Pony [IDW])
I've created a facebook group for the ladies interested in working on this project. We need to decide what kind of project this will be - a one shot story in the vein of Wild Bullets or more like an anthology. We also need to determine the focus of the project (such as empowerment/confidence for women), or if it will just be a collaborative work. We are in the brainstorming phase for this project so please share your input (even if you aren't a lady!)

Standalone / One Shot
We would like to add another standalone comic to our publishing calendar. We are looking at 35-50 pages. Make your pitch! Our ears are open. 
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Loons Game Sketch Event July 18 (Midland)

Julie HarrellDennis - Wed, 15 Jul
The MCC will be sketching at a Loons game! We're pretty cool. We'll be at the night game on Saturday July 18.  We would like to know the number of people who are interested in coming to ske...
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Meeting at Biggby Coffee on Saturday July 11 at 6:30pm

Julie HarrellDennis - Thu, 9 Jul
The next meeting is Saturday July 11th at Biggby Coffee at 3085 Bay Road in Saginaw. It will be at 6:30pm. (Right across the road from Coy's Comics!) We're having a special guest stop in, George Ge...
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Women in Michigan Comic Books

Julie HarrellDennis - Mon, 11 May
I posted this originally with the Recap of Meeting on Saturday March 21 Women in Michigan Comic Books Ladies only! If you are a lady, a chick, a dame, or a woman of some manner or variety pl...
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New Comic Book Day and Progress Check

Julie HarrellDennis - Sun, 3 May
Friday was May 1st, your progress check deadline. I know that I didn't have the reminder sent out so I REALLY appreciate those of you who sent your progress check in without prompting! I have been wor...
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