Anthology Volume One
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Join us at Coy's Comics in Saginaw
for the Volume One release party!

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Upcoming Cons and Events

Julie HarrellDennis - Sat, 18 Apr
From Travis: 

There is an opening to man the MCC table at GRASP comic con June 27-28 in Grand Rapids. Contact me for further details if you'd like to take the spot.
Katie Luna is one half of the table, so you'll be in very good company!

I was recently contacted by Virginia Wolter, who is with the Toledo Public Libraries about having a few of us go down and do a "Comic Making Class" for kids during their "Maker Fair." It's June 27th (I would go, but I'm at GRASP). If anyone is interested in that, please get with me.

Need 2 folks for Fantasticon in Mt. Clemens November 7-8.

Lastly, free comic book day is coming May 2nd. A handful of us are committed to appearances and sketching at several different stores. If you're not already committed somewhere, but you'd like to sketch, contact me and we'll try to find you a spot!
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CANCELED Meeting at Biggby Coffee on Saturday April 18 at 6:30pm

Julie HarrellDennis - Wed, 15 Apr
The next meeting is Saturday April 18th at Biggby Coffee at 3085 Bay Road in Saginaw. It will be at 6:30pm. (Right across the road from Coy's Comics!) THE MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELLED!! See you al...
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Recap of Meeting on Saturday March 21

Julie HarrellDennis - Mon, 6 Apr
At our last meeting we discussed a few topics in great detail and touched on a few others. Progress on Anthology Volume 2.  We've added some short works from webcomic artists and some art sp...
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Recap of Meeting on Saturday February 21; Meeting at Biggby Coffee on Satur

Julie HarrellDennis - Sun, 8 Mar
Hopefully a lovely time was had by all who attended the February 21st meeting/sketch event at Coy's Comics. Erik posted about the event over at his blog, thanks Erik! The next meeting is Saturday M...
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1 Year Sketch Event and Meeting at Coy's Comics on Saturday February 21 at

Julie HarrellDennis - Tue, 17 Feb
The next meeting is Saturday January 17th at Coy's Comics at 3220 Bay Road in Saginaw. It will be at 6:30pm. At this meeting we will be discussing the progress of Anthology Volume 2, the horror ant...
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